Wurst - Social Enterprise

It is an ENTERPRISE because it incorporates the most advanced business management systems for
the generation of wealth, achieving maximum efficiency in the administration and capture of
financial resources.

It is SOCIAL because it has been created with the aim of destining all of its financial resources and
the wealth generated to especially vulnerable and disadvantaged human groups.


  • For the labor insertion of women in social exclusion, paying special attention to those who have minor children in their care in one-parent households.

Wurst Europe is an initiative of André Baken and Rafael Puertas.


André Baken is a Dutch businessman residing in Spain who, from a very young age, became
involved in all kinds of actions in support of vulnerable groups, in parallel to his consulting activity
in communication for corporations at the international level - Gas Natural, DSM NV, AKZO,
Clariant, Draka Cables, Cespa, 3M, Dockers, Ferrero Rocher, Arvato, Philips, Hospital del Mar,
Survey GmbH.

Rafael Puertas has been the founder and promoter of 40 non-profit organizations and social
enterprises worldwide. Joining Sky of Dreams with the Land of Facts is its motto. Giving power to
women in social exclusion, offering them a Good Truck is the dream that now wants to see
become a reality.

MISSION – Creation of employment for women in social exclusion, developing their talent and
abilities, and improving their self-esteem.

VISION – The solution to the great social challenges of our time goes through the generation of synergies between the public sector, the private company and the Third Sector.

The economy in general, and the companies in particular, must be completely oriented to the
satisfaction of the needs of the human community as a whole, avoiding situations of exclusion and
social injustice. To achieve this, self-sustaining and socially responsible business models must be
conceived and made real.

The Good Truck is an initiative that, with the participation of city councils, private enterprise and
Social Action organizations, can generate multiple jobs for women in situations of economic
vulnerability, in single-parent homes and with children under their age charge


The Food Truck is a movement that is constantly evolving and expanding all over the world, which
can be greatly enhanced by the incorporation of the social aspect involved in the Mujeres Felices
project. The situations of poverty and marginalization that arise after the last economic crisis
shake our consciences and drive us to find solutions, while society is increasingly aware of the
conditions of inequality, discrimination and injustice towards women, also reflected in the
phenomenon of the feminization of poverty.


We perceive as an opportunity the possibility offered by the Mujeres Felices Project - The Good
Truck to offer effective solutions to the social challenges of poverty and gender inequality, always
counting on the collaboration of all the sectors involved: public, private and third sector.

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