Generating hundreds of jobs for mothers in exclusion, giving a new impetus to the Food Truck
movement is a challenge that is within our reach, with the collaboration and support of local
councils, institutions, companies and entrepreneurs in the sector.


The Good Truck is an initiative open to the participation of all. The ones set out below are just
some of the possible formulas for collaboration.

Food Truck

Food Trucks entrepreneurs have two main options for participation:

1 Become a Contributor

  • Shine our badge on your Truck


  • It reduces your risks


  • Increase your income


  • Share your benefits with TGT

2 Rent your Food Truck to TGT

  • Take care of your truck

  • Monthly fixed income

  • You offer work for women in social exclusion

Great Working Centers

Many work centers, with hundreds of workers, only have Vending machines to meet the demand
for restoration.


Neither hot products nor human treatment makes these moments of rest between
intense days of work more pleasant.


Mother or machine? In all the companies consulted, nobody had doubts when responding about
their preferences.


Companies interested in contacting

Technological enterprises

Generation of income, fully automated, simultaneous and in parallel to the sale of products in
Good Truck is one of the lines of technological development that we are promoting.


This is what we offer firm as FotoNota, the leading company in image printing from the mobile and
social networks.

It's touch screens and printing devices are already present in shopping malls throughout Spain and,
now also, in food trucks


FotoNota engineers are adapting their technology to our Good Trucks vehicles to generate more
revenues in each sales unit, in a fully automated way and without the need for Good Truck
workers to dedicate a minute or so of their time.


The best product quality at optimum prices. This is what we offer providers willing to join the The
Good Truck initiative. Another way to collaborate in support of women and children who will
benefit from this initiative.

In our Vehicles

Digital Screen

The Good Trucks also incorporate a screen of LEDs, which will provide information about the
gastronomic offer, as well as they can insert ads of all kinds, both large brands and local shops.

Advertisers interested, contact


Visibility and prestige is what we offer to firms interested in taking advantage of the brand
positioning offered by Good Trucks in locations with daily influx of thousands of citizens and
potential consumers of their products.

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