Committed to the fight against poverty and social exclusion

The Councils of our country are aware of their responsibility in protecting the most vulnerable groups in the area of ​​their municipality. And, in a very special way, the collective of mothers in exclusion and with children under their age. City officials know that social aid, such as RMI, RAI or RCG, is only a palliative for survival and that the real solution to the problem is through labor insertion and income generation.

The Good Truck offers these women the opportunity they need, turning them into entrepreneurs,
generating stable income and improving their self-esteem. And not just for them, but also for other women, through social programs funded with the benefits obtained by the Good Truck.

The first town councils contacted in Catalonia and the Basque Country have expressed an enormous interest in supporting our Good Trucks. 

Committed to Women

City councils

Through the Happy Women project:

  • They offer employment opportunities to their most vulnerable citizens


  • Reduce the social costs of municipal coffers


  • They generate income in the form of taxes


  • They project the image of socially committed municipalities


The Happy Women Project provides all the necessary funding, training and comprehensive
management for the correct functioning of small Food Trucks, delivered to women and known as

The municipality provides authorization for the public road location of a small Good Truck.

From the Happy Women project - The Good Truck


  1. Fundación Mujeres Felices tests the Food Truck in each new municipality, managing in it's beginnings through a woman with social exclusion, with extensive experience and training, selected among which the foundation itself is supporting with its programs.

  2. After an initial period of operation, managed by this woman from Fundación Mujeres Felices, municipal officials can check the proper functioning of the initiative and the foundation gives them an insight into their real ability to bill for sales.

  3. Only in the event that the experience is proven successful and a woman can obtain between 1000 and 1500 euros monthly, Social Services could offer this possibility to women who want to become entrepreneurs.

  4. Selected women, the Mujeres Felices Foundation offers them the necessary training courses for the correct management of the Food Truck, financing all the necessary investment cost and in a totally free way for them.

  5. The net benefits achieved by each Good Truck, once discounting the payment to women, operating expenses, payment of taxes and financing costs, will be devoted entirely to support programs for other women in social exclusion.

Thousands of City Councils in our country can now offer their most vulnerable citizens the
opportunity to definitively overcome their precariousness and social exclusion

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