Women are the protagonists of our time.


The recognition of equal rights and opportunities for women allows us to build a much more just,
prosperous and egalitarian society. But there is a long way to keep going. Discrimination,
mistreatment and violence against women are still a tough reality that we have to face and

The Good Truck is a project dedicated to these brave women who struggle, day by day, to overcome the limitations imposed by our model of society.


A project aimed at the labor insertion of women at risk of social exclusion and, with special attention, to these true courageous mothers who face the challenge of moving their children forward, overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Women as...


A 33-year- old woman, with a son eight years old, is burdened with income of € 133.33 per month
to a vacant bank home that he was forced to occupy to find shelter for his son after being evicted
of her home. His fear is for the bank to leave it again on the street. He lived a situation of abuse of
his partner, from which he left four years ago, leaving then to work and losing everything. Not even the RMI - the Minimum Income of Insertion that, as they have been told, is paralyzed because of the problem of 155 with the Generalitat.


This 55-year- old mother has four children, getting three of them going, now living only with the
11-year- old girl. Due to her current unemployment and precariousness, she can not pay rent, so she has been forced to occupy the property she had been expropriated again, to have a place to shelter with his daughter. She suffered mistreatment by her partner, who had secured a loan that the bank now asks for. They survive with the help of RAI - Minimum Income and it ends in September.


43 year old woman with a 5 year old girl in charge. Due to the mistreatment of her partner she had to leave home losing everything and leaving everything behind. She had her own clothing company for children, she was already in stores and was very excited until she met his partner, with whom he suffered mistreatment and destroyed everything she had. She has an University Degree and spoke four languages, without counting on anyone who cared for her daughter to work, earn some money by selling products through the streets. Currently without resources with only 10 to 15 € per week for food.

Project Mujeres Felices

Food Trucks for the sale of food products and drinks for immediate consumption.
For the self-employment of women in social exclusion, and especially in those who have children
in their care.
With the support of city councils, which grant authorization for public employment and in the best
possible locations within the municipality, for the self-employment of women in social exclusion of
the same population.
With the sponsorship of signatures committed to the defense of women's rights.

And not only They

The billing information of a food truck of these characteristics in Europe and North America,
extrapolated in Spain, offers a margin of benefit that is high enough to offer a decent life to these
women and their children ...
... reinvesting, in addition, a part of the surplus generated in different aid programs for other
women in situations of vulnerability or mistreatment.
The Mujeres Felices Foundation, specializing in the defense of women's rights and empowerment, will facilitate the training of the cart sellers and will allocate the surplus generated by each of them to aid programs.
Becoming the food truck in 'True Good Trucks Lifeguards!

Non Profit Entities

The Good Truck will give all the benefits obtained through this project to social-gendered NGOs of
gender and equality, for the financing of labor insertion programs and support for women in
situations of economic vulnerability and for empowerment projects for women and the defense of
their rights.


Fundación Mujeres Felices is one of those NGOs.

Fundación Mujeres Felices is a non-profit organization, established in 2008 and registered with the
number 848 in the Ministry of Education and Culture.
The social aims and the activity of the foundation are oriented towards the empowerment of
women and the defense of their rights, paying special attention to:


  • Form and inform women about strategies and skills for economic entrepreneurship.


  • Labor insertion of women in social exclusion, with special attention to mothers in single-parenthomes and with dependent children.


  • Provide women with knowledge and skills for their personal improvement at all levels and enjoy a full and happy life.


  • Provide help and support to women who, at the individual or collective level, are being subjected to discrimination, deprivation or mistreatment of any kind.


  • Promote women as agents for social change towards a better, more just, egalitarian and peaceful world.


Maternity Project is a non-profit NGO that accompanies, attends and welcomes pregnant and / or
nursing women in situations of precarious abandonment and / or social exclusion.


Our priority is normalization of maternity. We are an Independent NGO that finances 100%
without receiving public aid, with presence in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Aragon. We work
in network with the public administration and the social services.


  • A personalized, personal and familiar program.


  • A team of professionals so you do not feel lonely.


  • Six programs designed for mothers and their babies.


  • 15 years of experience accompanying, welcoming and helping women like you.


If you are a woman in social exclusion and, especially, if you are alone and with minor children under your care, you can choose to become an entrepreneur with a Good Truck, obtaining stable income and helping other women like you.

You can write to us at  mujeres@thegoodtruck.es and explain your case to us. Or fill out this form

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