The Formula

The Good Truck formula is the solution to the situation of economic vulnerability and social
exclusion in which there are thousands of women and their children in our country.


The Good Truck stems from the idea of ​​uniting the Food Truck's revenue generation and public
service potential, with the talent and capabilities of women in a situation of social exclusion, and,
in particular, with those with minor children at His position and, therefore, more difficulties to find
a job.

Women in social exlucion

The feminization of poverty is a prominent feature in the studies on poverty and social exclusion
carried out to date.


Women in a situation of long-term unemployment suffer greater exclusion and social punishment.


Within this group, the situation is even worse in the case of women with dependent children, with
serious repercussions for children.


2.5 million children in Spain live severe material shortages and in a situation of poverty (35% under


Spain, third country in child poverty in the EU.


The consequences of poverty and material shortages are enormous for children, with physical and
emotional sequelae for the rest of their lives.


It estimates in 60,000 women of one-parent households, with minor children in office, who have
been evicted in Spain.


It is urgently to offer them new formulas of entrepreneurship and employment that allow these
women to overcome their situation and that of their children. The Food Trucks, can be the
solution for many of them.

The Food Trucks

Although their origins go back to the Chuck Wagon used by cow boys for their journeys to the
American West, the modern idea of ​​Food Trucks begins in the USA in the decade of the 30's,
conditioning all types of vehicles and vans for the preparation and sale of meals. Since then, its
growth has been unstoppable, both in diversity and in gastronomic quality and, even more, after
the economic recession, which caused many chefs to open a new stage of Food Truck Gourmet.

The Food Truck enjoys a lot of popularity and a great implantation throughout Europe.

The Food Truck movement is of freedom and diversity. For that reason, while the world was
growing and growing unstoppably, Franco's dictatorship and its desire for absolute control over
what happened in the streets of our cities prevented the same thing happening in Spain.

And it was not until 2013 that the Food Truck phenomenon has risen sharply in our country, with
spectacular growth, both in terms of quantity and high quality gastronomic offer.

In 2017 the first big Fair of the sector was held in Bilbao, promoted by the leading company in the
sector, Food Truck Ya! at the Bilbao Exhibition Center in Barakaldo. After the success of this first
edition, it was celebrated again on March 6 and 7 of this year, with the presence of the stand of
The Good Truck and an excellent reception of our initiative in sector.

Municipal ordinances, still very restrictive, are currently the main limitation for the expansion of
the sector.


On the other hand, the mayors and public offices in the city councils are aware of the need to
promote self-employment initiatives for women in social exclusion in their municipalities and, in
particular, those with lower children in their care in single-parent homes.

Hence the idea and the formula of Good Trucks arise, which allows these women to offer a decent
work and life, generating synergies between the public sector, private enterprise and the Third

Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

What must the City Council provide to participate in this social initiative?
Only authorization for sale on public roads.


What does Fundación Mujeres Felices contribute?
It offers training courses and workshops for women and monitors its evolution, with the aim of
improving self-confidence and self-esteem.


What is the profile of women who will come in the Good Trucks?
Women in a situation of economic vulnerability, paying particular attention to those who have
minor children at their expense.


How are they selected?
In collaboration with the Social Services of each municipality, among the women that correspond
to the profile of the beneficiaries of this project and who have the capacity and will to join the


What responsibilities or risks do new entrepreneurs take on Good Trucks?
In this program, the risk is zero for them. Only when, after a trial period agreed with the City
Council, we have verified that a particular point of sale of the Good Truck can guarantee income
equal to or greater than 1,000 euros net, we offer it to the women of the municipality, with the

participation of Social Services. Its sole responsibility is to comply with the established norms for
the correct customer service.


What kind of products will serve the women of the Good Trucks?
Precooked products, very easy and quick to prepare, such as sausages of frankfurt, goffres,

Only women can be entrepreneurs in this project?
Also, men, when they meet the same conditions of social exclusion, their dependent children, one-
parent households and other criteria that we can establish jointly with the Social Services.

What use will be given to the benefits obtained by the project and donated for social programs?

They will be devoted preferably to projects of gender equality and actions in defense of the rights
of women and their empowerment, managed by different NGOs and / or the same social services
of each municipality.

Can other NGOs participate in the project? 

Of course. Fundación Mujeres Felices are totally open to different models of participation of other NGOs in this project, working together for the benefit of women in social exclusion
and other vulnerable groups.

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